Vial a Life Program

American Medical Alarms proudly sponsors the Vial a Life Program

The Vial a Life program is nationally recognized as saving countless lives each year by providing emergency responders with life saving medical information during an emergency. The Vial a Life is a form that is stored on your refrigerator. When emergency responders are called to your home they will see the Vial a Life sticker on your front door and know to go to your refrigerator to get your important medical information.

You can request a Free Vial a Life Packet (limited to no more than three per request)or you may print the Vial a Life packet online.
Note: If you print the packet the baggie is not included however you can use a zip lock bag instead.

Request a Free Vial a Life Packet
Print the Vial a Life Packet

When you receive your Vial a Life packet, simply complete the Vial a Life form and put it behind one sticker in the plastic bag and tape the bag to the front of your refrigerator. Then put the second sticker on your outside front door. Note: Be sure to amend the information on your Vial a Life form as your medication and/or medical information changes.

Share the Vial a Life in Your Community

You can share the Vial a Life with people in your community like your co-workers, churches, organizations, clubs, senior centers or just give them to your neighbors. We provide 25 Vial a Lifes as well as two posters for you at no cost to you. If you would like to share the Vial a Life in your community simply complete the Community Packet Request Form.

If you are an organization or business interested in sponsoring your own Vial a Life Program please click the link below for more information.

Vial a Life for Organizations